How to Find Companies Hiring Remote Software Engineers

Ross Bartram

We’ve arguably entered the golden era for remote Software Engineering jobs. While the tech sector has enjoyed remote working for years, the pandemic-driven work from home revolution has opened the floodgates and created more remote positions than ever before. More than one in five (23.1%) software and IT roles advertised in the UK is now remote, compared with just 4.2% in June 2020, according to LinkedIn research.

With more remote opportunities available, Software Engineers now have the option to work for companies beyond their standard commute distance. So, how do you find the best remote jobs in the Tech market?

We’ll outline the key tactics you can use to make the most of these opportunities and find the remote role you want.

Make Your Job Search Work for You

An obvious starting point for a job search is looking at job sites. These sites can help you find worthy job opportunities, but they can be time-consuming. Thankfully, you can streamline the process and save yourself a few hours throughout the week.

When searching for your ideal Software Engineering role, look for filters that specify ‘remote’ or ‘work from home’ categories. Most job sites have an option to sign up for email alerts whenever a new role is posted that matches your specific criteria, for example, the job title, remote working options, salary range, and programming languages (Python, Java, C++, SQL) and more.

During your job search, make a note of the companies hiring remote Software Engineers and keep an eye out for news about businesses expanding their remote workforce. Look out for options to sign up for alerts with these specific companies or bookmark their Careers pages, so you can check their site regularly for new positions available.

Sign Up with a Software Engineering Recruitment Agency

An online job search will only show you the tip of the remote jobs iceberg. To uncover the best Software Engineer jobs that aren’t advertised to the public, and save loads of time in the process, connecting with a specialist recruitment agency is a wise move.

We take the time to understand your skills, experience and what you’re looking for in your next role, so we can match you with a remote Software Engineering job that ticks all your boxes.

Speaking to a recruiter will give you deeper insights into which companies are hiring remote Software Engineers, what employers are currently looking for, salaries on offer and other information that you wish you could get just from looking at job ads!

Before you register your interest with a recruiter, make sure you’ve reviewed your CV and have the details of your references up to date, so the recruiter can help you get the ball rolling as soon as possible.

Use Your Network

Networking is another classic method for finding a new job, so don’t forget to tell your friends and family that you’re on the job hunt. Now is a good time to sharpen up your online profiles, such as LinkedIn or GitHub, to showcase your work history, projects and key skills. 

Whichever social media community you’re part of, look out for ‘We’re hiring!’ posts and job vacancies that get mentioned in conversations – these can be great leads for jobs that might not appear on mainstream job sites.

Be Ready to Negotiate

Not all Software Engineer jobs are advertised as remote by default, but a job posting might indicate the employer is open to this arrangement for the right candidate. In these cases, be prepared to discuss remote working options with an employer in the job interview.

If you have previous experience working remotely as a Software Engineer, demonstrate in the job interview how you’ve been productive while working away from an office. It’s also important to be aware that circumstances can change for some employers, so they might not make a role remote forever. When you get a job offer, make sure the employer is clear with you about their remote work policy and that the role will be remote on a permanent basis.

The Takeaway

Although more remote Software Engineer roles are available than ever before, using more than one approach for job searching can really pay off. By trying as many methods as you can, you’ll increase your chances of spotting new opportunities quickly and boosting your ability to get interviews.  

Or, you could always skip the hard graft and connect with a Software Engineering recruitment agency to help you find a role. Unlike the other approaches, signing up with an agency will give you more insight into the current job market, how to improve your job applications and interview tips.

Ready to take the next step and land the remote job you’ve been dreaming about? We’ll show you the way! Get in touch with our Software Engineering recruitment team today.