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Tech Salary Survey & Market Report 2023


Tech Salary Guide 2023


Does your remuneration correspond to what the market offers? What additional advantages do employers in the tech industry provide?

This guide was developed to assist employers, contractors and employees within the IT sector to identify and understand trends in labour rates and job satisfaction. In order to better understand how IT professionals feel about their current employment as well as their ambitions for future ones, we have collected insights on the working environment, benefits, and salary.

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We are tech talent acquisition specialists who are passionate about matching the right person for the role. We never lose sight of the fact that recruitment is a people business, first and foremost. We’re all better when we work together.

Based in Kent and Birmingham, we’ve been working in the Tech Recruitment sector since the 90s and have witnessed major shifts in technology use and best practices, company structure and communication preferences.

In response, we have constantly evolved our recruitment services to keep pace and meet the needs of our talent and our clients.

We firmly believe that a closer working relationship means a higher quality, more accurate and ultimately more enjoyable service. That’s why we look to partner with our clients and network with our talent pool.

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