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At Movement8, we pride ourselves on being an ethical and resourceful Technology Recruitment Agency to find solutions to address our clients’ talent challenges using our strong market knowledge and wide talent networks.

Our work is truly consultative, based on close collaboration with clients and creating tailored recruitment services with the utmost transparency.

Unlike some technology recruitment agencies, we’re not in the business of simply collecting and passing on CVs. To get lasting results that make a real impact on businesses, we go beyond the transactional.

Our focus on cultivating authentic relationships gives our clients access to hidden talent and enables them to shape their talent acquisition strategies for the long term.

We’re based in Kent and Birmingham but we recruit throughout the UK and Europe to find you the Tech talent or role.

Recruitment services

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Project services

We have experience in placing entire project teams to achieve anything from full Digital Transformations to Infrastructure rebuilds. Each project is unique, providing our clients with a bespoke, flexible and cost-effective volume hiring team needs…

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Hire Tech Contractors

Our IT Contract recruitment team works within defined tech stacks and can quickly and effectively identify the best active candidates, as well as those coming up for renewal. By having an accurate temperature gauge of the market as a whole, we can also identify and advise based on rate fluctuations and movements within individual niches.

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Recruit Permanent Tech Talent

Our speciality in building long-term relationships with top tech talent enables us to deliver the highest quality candidates for permanent roles throughout the UK. We source highly-skilled and engaged professionals from our extensive networks, using robust and comprehensive sourcing and search practices.

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Bespoke products



A structured, campaign style hiring process to increase hiring ratios exponentially by streamlining a tailored approach.



Embedded Recruitment (RPO). Taking the best of internal talent acquisition and coupling it with the power and reach of a specialist technology recruitment agency.



Our tech industry networking events.



Our Talent Advisory service for Tech Talent attraction, hiring and retention.

Get in touch with us to find out more about these tech recruitment solutions and how they can help your staffing needs.

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