How to Choose the Best Tech Contract Roles

Ross Bartram

When you open a box of chocolates, how do you decide which one to eat first? Your pick is likely to be based on the flavours and textures you like best. Choosing the best technology contract role is similar. You want to be sure the opportunity suits your palate (sorry, preferences), helping you get the most out of each contract.

If you’re looking for your next step, the following four things to consider will help you weigh up the merits of IT contracting jobs and find the right option for you.

1. Check Out the Salary and the Benefits (Duh!)

There’s no getting around it – one of the most enticing things about tech contract work is the pay rates. Currently, an IT contractor salary pays around 20%-40% more than an average permanent role.

When weighing up one contractor position over another, it’s important to ensure you’re comparing apples with apples. Consider:

  • The payment terms (i.e. how often do pay runs happen)?
  • Whether the asking rate is at or above industry standards (hot tip: a top tech recruitment agency will be able to tell you!)
  • If the position includes any additional benefits (to remain competitive in the tech market, many companies are now offering contractors medical cover, annual leave and bonuses for contract completion).
  • How will you be paid? Is it via an umbrella company? Because this can impact your take home pay.

2. What About Work Flexibility?

When it comes to working from home, those in the IT industry are the OGs. But even in this environment, there was resistance from management, worried about productivity gains. Enter the global pandemic and cue a view change.

Flexible working arrangements are now becoming the norm, whether it’s working from home or changeable start and finish times. It’s an extremely attractive option for many people, allowing for a greater work/life balance.

If this matters to you, aim to uncover the details around each contracting role’s working conditions. How many days per week can you work from home? Do you need to attend the office for all team meetings? Do you have to work set hours? This will help you consider what’s right for you.

3. Reflect on the Type of Project and Technology on Offer

As a contracting tech professional, you know how important it is to keep your skill game strong. Learning new languages, obtaining new certifications, keeping pace with industry innovations; they’re all essentials for your career progression.

And this is where IT contracting really excels – you can work in wide-ranging industries at a large variety of organisations, from start-ups to blue chips. Rather than remain in one company and deal with the same tech stack and system, you have ample opportunities to expand your skillset and insights on the job.

So if you’re a Software Engineer looking to cross over into DevOps, or keen to move from Product Management into Agile Delivery as a Scrum Master, it’s a good move to consider the open contracting role’s ‘big picture’. For instance, smaller teams often need their contractors to be multi-skilled to handle the workload. There may be more chances to dabble in the new area you’re considering for your next career move, rather than at a larger firm where you’re hired specifically for your current expertise, and no more.

4. Consider Contract Length

Contract length is another area to think about when evaluating the best tech role for you. Currently, many IT contracts are on the longer side of 12+ months. Whether you’re after something shorter or longer-term, one of our best contracting tips is to try to keep your contract pipeline full by starting to look for your next opportunity before the current one expires.

This can be tricky when you’re working all day, so aligning with an expert is really beneficial. The best IT recruitment agency will be bursting with exciting contract opportunities, and will happily do the leg work for you (except for attending the job interview – that’s all you, but we can help you prepare!).

Partner Up for a Chance at the Best Tech Contract Roles

There’s plenty of amazing IT contracting roles across the UK right now, and any number could be your perfect fit. But it’s hard to stay across them all, plus some are passive opportunities that don’t hit the job boards. Aligning with an expert Tech recruitment agency solves these conundrums, while also taking the stress of finding your next contract off your back.

When you work with us here at Movement8, we can effectively market you to our extensive network of clients looking for contractors. We’d love to spend some time getting to know your needs and match you to the right contracting role, whether it’s short- or long-term. Please feel free to get in touch with us to get going!