Why Work with a Tech Recruitment Agency?

Ross Bartram

While tech roles may be plentiful and many employers are desperate for good people, finding your perfect role can often still feel like mission impossible. How do know whether a position will fit your long-term goals, or if a company is going to be a good match for your working style? And if you do find an opportunity you want, how can you ensure you’ll be at the top of the employer’s shortlist?

Working with a technology recruiter will help you successfully run the job search gauntlet and boost your chances of landing the role of your dreams. So, how do you know if using a tech recruiter is right for you and what advantages can you expect?

1. Recruiters Can Save You a Load of Time

One of the biggest benefits of using a tech recruitment agency to find a job is the drastic amount of time you can save on the job search process.

Jobseekers have a growing list of websites and apps they can use to find jobs, but these aren’t necessarily cutting down the hours of a job search. If anything, the time it takes to find a new role is likely blowing out. As Glassdoor’s research shows, jobseekers in the UK spend an average of 27 days in the hiring process when applying for a job. Phew!

By engaging with an agency, the recruiter can do all that hard work for you. After you send over your CV and have an in-depth chat, they will match you with either a role on their database of vacancies or approach employers on your behalf to discuss hiring opportunities. You’ll get all the details you need to know about the role, and be able to answer any questions you might have before deciding whether you’d be interested in an interview – much more info than just scouring job ads! Plus, recruiters know how to keep everything flowing smoothly by keeping both you and the employer updated throughout the process. Not bad for what is essentially a free service for you!

2. A Wider Variety of Opportunities to Choose From

When working with an IT recruitment agency, you’re also able to cast your job search net much wider. The range of industries in urgent need of tech talent is growing and competition for good candidates is fierce. The best tech recruitment agencies in the UK offer exclusive access to roles because not all open positions are advertised to the public. Employers do take vacancies directly to the agencies they work with, meaning recruiters will often have access to opportunities not available in the wider market.

At Movement8, we have long-established relationships with a range of organisations in everything from tech start ups to global companies, so we can help you land a role in your chosen industry that you might not find anywhere else.

3. Tailored Job Search and Guidance

Agencies can help you broaden your professional network and increase your odds of securing the job you want – but it’s not just a numbers game.

Developing a relationship with a recruiter will also offer you real insights into the job market and what employers are currently looking for, so you’re more likely to find a job that fits and what other people in similar roles are being offered. Likewise, when you talk to an agency, you’ll get more detail about an employer’s culture and the benefits of the role before you decide to join.

Applying for a job directly with an employer isn’t always the most transparent process. Without an agency, nobody is acting on your behalf to give you the lowdown on the role and provide tips on how to prepare for the interview.

As recruiters, we work best when we know exactly what our candidates and employers need, so we’ll talk to you to understand what you’re looking for in a role and why – and we do this before we start matching you to roles. After all, we’re not into wasting our own time, let alone yours!

Recruiters can also help you discover other roles you might be suited to but may not have considered otherwise. We work with a lot of small- to medium-sized companies and scale-ups, so our candidates have opportunities to make their mark on growing businesses and markets with new products.

4. Get Feedback You Can Use

Job searching takes quite a bit of effort at the best of times, and we all want to know if we’re doing things right – but receiving feedback from employers after applications and interviews isn’t guaranteed. In some cases, you might have to proactively ask for feedback from an organisation after an interview, and what you get isn’t always the most practical.

For recruitment agencies, on the other hand, feedback is currency. Recruiters need to know how candidates are doing during interviews and how hiring managers are handling the process. We can give you tips on your CV and interviews to boost your chances of getting a job offer. Don’t forget to take advantage of this!


If you’ve spent some time searching for a new job and aren’t getting the results you want, it might be time to get in touch with an agency. You can learn so much more about the job market, what you’re worth, and where else you can go, by speaking to a recruiter. Don’t be shy about asking us to take a look at your CV or talk you through the opportunities we have on offer across a full range of IT and digital specialisms – we’d be happy to help!